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Wait, you can crochet stuffed animals?!? | MuD PhuD on the Run Wait, you can crochet stuffed animals?!? |

Wait, you can crochet stuffed animals?!?

01.15.2011 by LMR

And a LOT has happened! 20 days after my last post I met Bobby :) for that. I’m now in my 3rd year of my PhD and getting pretty close to needing this whole thesis thingy written (EEEEEEK) and some more papers submitted (EEEEEEEK). Oh, and I am planning a wedding which is AWESOME and AWFUL at the same time. Awesome because it is a wedding, awful because it’s another GIANT checklist of things to get done. Luckily, Bobby is pretty awesome at doing these things, so when I freak out, I delegate. Lots of stress. So what do I do? I take on another project: Crocheting. I know – WHAT? I’ve always kinda been curious, but then I discovered this thing called amigurumi. How cute is this? I can make creatures. Perfect. I am sold. I started out pretty simple. It was around Halloween, so a pumpkin seemed appropriate. I found this pattern, and started to work. It took me like, a week (I’m pretty sure it should have took like 30 minutes), but I was pretty pleased with the result:

So then I got a little cocky, and tried to make a ghost to go with my pumpkin. What followed was weeks of frustration:
Total Fail x3. I couldn’t figure out what the hell I was doing wrong. So I tried again:

Ugh. He’s better I guess. But way tiny – so then I got to thinking that my yarn was too thin….
Hmmm now we are getting somewhere… but he’s too stumpy. So I try again….
This time I deviated a bit from the pattern (ohhh how brave of me) and got this. Much better. He needs eyes – I think Ill do them like the one 2 up from here. Now I am mad at crocheting and quit for a while.
However, I don’t quit forever. The next on my list is something Thanksgiving-y, so I did this:
My favorite so far :)

Alright, so I crochet. I hope the fact that I don’t crochet doilies and I’m not all that girly makes me seem like less of an old cat lady (Nevermind my 3 cats – they are catdogs). More to come of my creatures!


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  1. Lauren says:

    I had no idea!!!! What a talent!!!

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